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Helipea Ortofon/Pro-Ject Pick it DS2 MC Wooden Box




Kvaliteetne vinüülplaadimängija helipea tootjalt Ortofon. Ortofon on üle sajandi tootnud tipptasemel helitehnikat, helipead valmistatakse Taanis.

High End MC cartridge

Moving Coil – high quality
When looking for high quality HiFi cartridges it is very obvious, that real High End systems almost exclusively use the Moving Coil principle. Because of the lower moving mass – the moving coil is a lot lighter than a moving magnet – a dynamic and detailed sound with superior low distortion is possible. The resulting lower output voltage can be compensated nowadays with the use of a high quality phono stage (such as Phono Box DS2, Tube Box DS2, Phono Box RS). Another advantage is, that because of the very low source impedance (5 Ohm to 1 kOhm) outside interferences, like hum, are surpressed very effectively. If your phono pre-amplifier has variable load impedance (like Phono Box RS, Tube Box DS2) this allows for a wide fine-tuning. The four connectors on the back are gold-plated, the threaded holes offer a fast and efficient mounting. The massive metal plate with three contact-points offers best possible contact to the tonearm.

Pick it DS2 MC: Exceptional
Pick it DS2 MC is Pro-Ject‘s current high end cartridge. The corpus is made of polyamid, which has excellent mechanical specifications. System body and needle guard are made in a special selective laser sintering (SLS) process. Here the body is created by slowly melting the material (powder) via laser. This results in almost resonance free material, which is an enormously important aspect for analogue playback. Optimum attention to detail and a distortion free, musical sound are the outcome!

Needle type Naked elliptical
Weight 9 g
Stylus tip radius 8/18 µm
Frequency Response 20 – 24.000 Hz
Output Voltage 0.5 mV
Channel separation 25dB @ 1kHz
Compliance dynamic/lateral 14 µm/mN
Tracking force range 2.0-2.5 g
Recommended tracking force 2.2 g
Tracking angle 20°
Spool material Pure 4N Cu
Recommended load resistance 20 Ω