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Helitehnika toiteplokk Pro-Ject Power Box DS2 Amp



Kvaliteetne helitehnika toiteplokk tootjalt Pro-Ject.


More power and improved audio quality

Power Box DS2 Amp: Cleanest power for ultimate sound!

Linear power supply consists of a big toroidal transformer with shielding between primary and secondary winding which acts as an isolation transformer and avoids penetration of interferences from mains into amplifier. This transformer has a big power reserve, compared to a standard power adaptor. It has very low output impedance and in combination with large filtration capability it can easily manage required power of one stereo amplifier or two mono amplifiers.

Advice: To avoid magnetic interference do not stack amplifier and Power Box DS2 Amp! As every amplifier, also digital ones, are sensitive for good quality of energy they are powered with.

Compatible with: Amp Box DS2 & DS2 Mono, Amp Box RS & RS Mono, Stereo Box RS

The following interconnect power cables are supplied in box:

Two standard connection cables are included in delivery. The High-End power cable Connect it Power RS/DS with superior shielding and individual customized lenghts is also available for Power Box DS2 Amp!

Magnetic real wood side panels in walnut, rosenut & eucalyptus are available separately & not included in the scope of delivery.