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Helitehnika toiteplokk Pro-Ject Power Box RS Uni 1-way TT



Kvaliteetne helitehnika toiteplokk tootjalt Pro-Ject.


Universal linear power supply for your 15V DC turnable

Cleanest power for ultimate sound of your turntable!

It is a proven fact that a power supply is a very important part of the audio path and significantly contributes to the sonic quality of an audio product. The Power Box RS Uni 1-way TT significantly improves the sound quality of your turntable and was specially developed for turntables with a heavy platter. We therefore recommend using it with the models RPM 9 & 10, Signature 10 & 12 and Xtension 9, 10 & 12. The Power Box RS Uni 1-way TT is of course also compatible with all other Pro-Ject turntables with 15V DC supply voltage. (Do not use Power Box RS Uni 1-way TT with Phono Box RS.)

A linear power supply consists of a massive toroidal transformer with shielding between primary and secondary winding, which acts as an isolating transformer and avoids penetration of interferences from mains into the audio component. The built-in transformer has a much higher power reserve compared to the standard power adapter. It has very low output impedance and in combination with large filtration capability it can easily manage all power needs. Sound staging, darkness of silent backgrounds and small detail resolution will improve strongly and contribute to a far better overall performance of each component. Standard connection cable (3-pol) is included in delivery.

Connect it RS – TT 15V MiniXLR – 2.1 power cable included.

Input voltage AC 230V/50Hz IEC C15 connector, (120V/60Hz US version)
Output voltage / current 15V / 3A max. (for all Pro-Ject 15V DC turntables)
Filtration capacity 10.000 µF
Output voltage ripple rejection better than 75 dB
Dimensions W x H x D 201 x 72 x 195 mm
Weight 4800 g