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Pro-Ject HiFi Clean


Laost otsas


Electronics cleaning compound

Effective and fast cleaning compound for HiFi equipment!

High-tech cleaning compound for cleaning of highly textured surfaces and interstices, which can‘t be reached with regular cleaning solutions. Removes deeply sitting dirt and germs on all surfaces without leaving residues. Does not give out moisture and therefore is especially capable of cleaning sensitive surfaces and electronics.

Do not rub, just gently roll the compound over the surface you want to clean. Do not use on oily and/or wet surfaces! Before use, wash your hands with soap and use with dry hands. Multiple use until the maximum absorbtion capacity is reached. Replace your HiFi Clean when it becomes sticky, but no later than eight months after first application.


  • Patented cleaning formula
  • Removes 99,9% of all bacteria
  • Absorbes dust, germs and other particles
  • Leaves no residue
  • Removes gently deep sitting dirt
  • Reusable multiple times
  • Colorchart indicates when to replace HiFi Clean
  • Based on natural ingredients
Principle Dry cleaning
Weight 160 g